Neutron and proton current vectors in extsuperscript{40,48}Ca+ extsuperscript{132}Sn at $E_{c.m.} = 120$~MeV and at a separation $R = 11.5$~fm between the fragments.

Dependence of fusion on isospin dynamics


We introduce a new microscopic approach to calculate the dependence of fusion barriers and cross sections on isospin dynamics. The method is based on the time-dependent Hartree–Fock theory and the isoscalar and isovector properties of the energy density functional (EDF). The contribution to the fusion barriers originating from the isoscalar and isovector parts of the EDF is calculated. It is shown that, for nonsymmetric systems, the isovector dynamics influence the subbarrier fusion cross sections. For most systems this results in an enhancement of the subbarrier cross sections, while for others we observe differing degrees of hindrance. We use this approach to provide an explanation of recently measured fusion cross sections which show a enhancement at low E c. m. energies for the system extsuperscript{40}Ca+ extsuperscript{132}Sn as compared with the more neutron-rich system extsuperscript{48}Ca+ extsuperscript{132}Sn and discuss the dependence of subbarrier fusion cross sections on transfer.

In Physical Review C, APS.

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